Herring Spawn Classic

House Bill 294: An Act relating to Herring Spawn Classics

The Sitka Tribe of Alaska is pleased to announce the introduction of a new bill for a game of chance to generate revenue for the Herring Festival.

“Spawn classic” means a game of chance where prize money is awarded for the closest guess of the post-season preliminary estimate of nautical miles of shoreline receiving spawn of Pacific herring, as determined by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game from aerial surveys, between March and May, and is limited to the Sitka Herring Spawn Classic operated and administered by the Sitka Tribe of Alaska’s Sitka Herring Festival.

Proceeds of the Herring Spawn Classic will be used to fund herring and science educational programs in Southeast Alaska including the Sitka Herring Festival and Yaa Khusgé Yaaw Woogoo- The Knowledge of Herring Camp, non-profit operations and services provided by the Sitka Tribe of Alaska, and other eligible expenses under the Charitable Gaming Permit for Sitka Tribe of Alaska.

Expect more details to follow as HB 294 works through the Alaska Legislature (after finalizing a budget of course!)

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